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Practice Transition Accreditation Program™ (PTAP)

Elevate your nurse residency or fellowship program to the highest standard through accreditation!

The ANCC Practice Transition Accreditation Program (PTAP) sets the global standard for residency or fellowship programs that transition registered nurses (RNs) and advanced practice registered nurses (APRNs) into new practice settings.

Whether you educate nurses at initial entry (new graduates), at re-entry (returning nurses), or between clinical settings, ANCC accreditation ensures your RNs and APRNs acquire the knowledge, skills, and professional behaviors to deliver safe, quality care.

Transition programs include comprehensive educational programs such as:

  • RN Residencies — For nurses with less than 12 months' experience
  • RN Fellowships — For experienced nurses to master new clinical settings
  • APRN Fellowships — For newly certified advanced practice nurses

You'll save in nurse turnover costs and give your nurses the clinical and assessment skills and confidence to perform effectively within the healthcare team.


  • Validate the effectiveness of your curriculum against ANCC evidence-based standards and best practice criteria.
  • Maximize nurse retention by offering quality transition programs.
  • Let potential nurse residents and fellows know your program delivers a clear course of instruction with dependable evaluation of learner performance.
  • Ensure nurses experience curricula that promote the acquisition of knowledge, skills, and professional behaviors necessary to deliver safe, high-quality care.

Get Started

The first step in pursuing accreditation for your practice transition program is a self-assessment. The gap analysis tool helps you understand how well your program aligns with the ANCC criteria and identify areas to adjust or improve.

Download the free gap analysis tool today to get started!

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