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Practice Transition Accreditation Program
Pre-Intent Program


The ANCC Practice Transition Accreditation Program (PTAP)™ Pre-Intent Program provides access to ANCC's accreditation resources to organizations that are not ready to submit an application, but would benefit from access to a high-level contact and additional resources to better understand the 2016 PTAP Application Manual requirements.


  • Access to PTAP Senior Operations Manager or PTAP Program Specialist for a speaking engagement*
  • Waiver of PTAP $500 application fee if the program member’s application is received within six months from the effective date of agreement
  • Bimonthly, prescheduled one-hour calls with PTAP Senior Operations Manager or PTAP Program Specialist
  • Access to PTAP outcomes database
  • Access to PTAP orientation center
  • 20% discount on registration fee of a PTAP Program Guidance Workshop
  • Access to an on-site PTAP Program Guidance Workshop for the program member’s staff at ANCC's established per-person rate
    • All travel and accommodation expenses of the PTAP Senior Operations Manager shall be paid by the program member

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Membership in the program is not required to apply for any ANCC credential. Membership in the program does not guarantee that the program member will receive any ANCC credential. The program does not include consulting services. ANCC does not offer or provide consulting services.

*Program member is responsible for all speaker travel and accommodation expenses in addition to the annual membership fee.