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Annual Reporting Requirements

ANCC accredited organizations are required to submit an annual report to ANCC each calendar year. All organizations must submit their activity data using the calendar year for your Annual Report. (Date range: 1/1/20xx to 12/31/20xx). Failure to submit the annual report requirements by April 1 will result in additional fees and/or suspension.

The NEW Nursing Activity Reporting System (NARS) is designed to streamline and support the collection of your program and activity data. Individuals who are designated as a Primary Contact, Billing Contact and/or leader of an organization accredited by the ANCC or an ANCC Accredited Approver that has elected to use NARS may access NARS with a unique login ID and password.  NARS allows users to upload their activities continuously throughout the year OR use the batch upload function to add or update multiple activity records from a single file containing data that has been exported from another tracking system.  Please see information on the NARS system below.
Click here for the NARS User Manual [pdf]
Click here to see NARS FAQs.



Invoices for the annual fee will be emailed separately directly from the Primary Accreditation program office. Fees are due within 30 days of receipt of the invoice via email.  Your organization's annual fee invoice will come directly from program staff.


  1. Accredited organizations that have not submitted their annual report by April 1 will not be considered to be an organization in good standing. Only accredited organizations in good standing will be listed in the ANCC Directory of Accredited Organizations.
  2. Organizations that have not submitted their annual report, nor have made arrangements to submit their annual report by the due date will have their accredited status suspended.
  3. Organizations with an accredited status suspended for failure to submit an annual report may apply for reinstatement. Requests for reinstatement must be accompanied by the annual report and reinstatement fee.
  4. Suspended organizations that do not reinstate within 120 days will be revoked.


  1. Date/Range of Activity.
  2. Title/Name of Activity.
  3. Target Audience (RN's, Interprofessional)
  4. Total Number of Activity Participants/Total Number of Nurses (Registered Nurses).
  5. Number of Nursing Credits Offered/Number of Contact Hours Offered Upon Activity Completion.
  6. Whether the Activity was Directly or Jointly Provided.
  7. If the Activity Received Commercial Support.
  8. Amount of Commercial Support Received.
***Please note: Following the new 2015 ANCC Accreditation Criteria, the reporting of Sponsorship is no longer required.***

In 2018, all organizations are required to enter their activity data in the NARS system (Activity data from January 1, 2017 - December 31, 2017).

The tools below have been modified and adapted to the new NARS reporting system.  Please note that there are more options/fields available in this format and in the NARS system than what ANCC requires.  Accredited Providers and Approvers are only required to report the information required by ANCC in previous Annual Reporting years. Please note that the Sponsorship Requirement has been removed per the 2015 ANCC Accreditation Criteria. Commercial Support is still required to be reported.  For guidelines on commercial support, please consult the 2015 ANCC Primary Accreditation Provider/Approver Application Manuals.

Below are the reporting tools for those that would like to use this option.  Please remember that beginning last year all organizations are now required to submit their annual report by calendar year.  You may submit your annual report to the inbox along with the demographic information form. 

APPROVED PROVIDERS: Please contact your Accredited Approver Unit directly for assistance with Annual Reporting Requirements and access to the NARS Reporting System.

NARS Reporting Tools and Resources

Link to NARS Reporting System

If you have not yet received your login for the NARS System please email
APPROVED PROVIDERS: Please contact your Accredited Approver Unit directly for assistance with Annual Reporting Requirements and access to the NARS Reporting System.

There are two ways to submit your activities in NARS.  You can submit each activity individually through the web interface OR you may batch upload your activities using the Tab Delimited file.

Helpful Hints:

  • Each organization can have up to five users in the system.  Once logged in, you can create user accounts for individuals that you would like to grant access to the system. Users will receive their own login and credentials to the system. You can also disable users and create new users when necessary.
  • Organizations can update their own demographic information in the system.  While we still require you to notify ANCC of a change, you can update your own profile information.  Please remember to keep this information current and up to date to ensure that you receive all communications and announcements from the Program Office.
  • Forgot your password? Did you know that you can reset your own password if you know your Organization ID and the email address registered in the account? Click here: FORGOT PASSWORD
  • Need a password you can remember?  Once you are logged in, you can change your password using the change password link in the top right corner.
  • You only need to list a location for activity categorized as a “C” or “RSS” (“Course” or “Regularly Scheduled Series”). Please check the NARS FAQ’s page for definitions for the activity types.

If you have successfully uploaded all your activities in NARS, you do not need to submit a demographic form separately via email.  You only need to submit a demographic information change form if your organization has a change in staff or structure that is required to be reported within 30 days per the ANCC criteria.  Consult the 2015 ANCC Primary Accreditation Provider/Approver Manuals for changes that are required to be reported to the Primary Accreditation Program Office.   Please ensure all of your organization's information is up to date in NARS at all times.  

Please always check the website for the most recent and accurate information and reporting tools if any of the links in this email do not work.  These tools and resources can be found on the Annual Reporting page on the ANCC website at:

Thank you for your patience as we transition to the new format and please feel free to contact us should you have any additional questions or concerns at


***To open this webinar in full screen, please open the link in YouTube or please copy and paste this link into your web browser.***

More tutorials and webinars are forthcoming and will be announced mid summer.  Please make sure your demographic information and contacts are current and up to date in the NARS System to ensure you receive all Program Office Updates and Announcements.

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