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Logos & Usage

Terms of Use for the Certified Nurses Day™ Logo & Website

Use of Website, Logo(s) and Related Tools/Content
The Certified Nurses Day™ (CND) Official website will be hosted by the American Nurses Association.

Certified Nurses Day™ is a trademark of the American Nurses Credentialing Center (ANCC). All rights reserved.

The logo may be used on the website of project supporters/partners, provided that:

  • It is not used on any page selling products or service.
  • The Certified Nurses Day logo does not appear larger than the organization's own logo.
  • It is used in a way that directly supports, celebrates, or encourages certified nurses, in a non-commercial way.

ANCC encourages use of the website, the Certified Nurses Day name, logo and materials for not-for-profit promotion of certified nurses and certification.

Supporters and partners are defined within this agreement as individuals, organizations, and corporations that have contractually bound themselves to this agreement and all terms herein.

The Certified Nurses Day logo is not to be used on products or services that are to be sold, without prior written permission  from the trademark owner.

The Certified Nurses Day logo is not to be placed on any physical item (e.g. coffee cups, clothing, specialty pins, etc.) whether for sale or for free distribution, in the presence of any other logo or signifying marks (without advance permission in writing from trademark owner). Official Certified Nurses Day merchandise can be purchased through the Certified Nurses Day e-store.

The CND logo may be placed on items that are distributed at no charge and that have no other trademarks, service marks or other distinguishing marks on the item, other than the Certified Nurses Day logo.

If any incidental profits are realized by the Certified Nurses Day coalition, or in any other respect from the Certified Nurses Day trademarked logo and concept, they will be donated to the Styles Fund for Credentialing Research, targeted to funding research in nursing certification.

Use, copying, and/or downloading of the Certified Nurses Day logo constitutes acceptance of the terms of this contract and all terms and conditions as expressed above.