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Certification Eligibility Curriculum Review Program (CECRP)

CECRP gives nursing schools an advantage, ensuring nurse practitioner and clinical nurse specialist programs meet ANCC certification education eligibility criteria. Students gain assurance the nursing program they choose qualifies them to seek ANCC national certification.

CECRP is voluntary and not required for graduates to seek ANCC national certification. However, graduates of programs accepted by the ANCC CECRP enjoy a simpler, faster application process to sit for exams and achieve initial certification. Plus, CECRP streamlines communication between nursing schools and an ANCC faculty liaison on changes that influence the ANCC certification application process for future graduates.

Benefits for Nursing Schools & Students

The APRN Consensus Model requires education programs ensure graduates are prepared for national certification.

With CECRP acceptance, ANCC assesses the APRN core and role competencies across at least one population in graduate APRN nursing programs. All graduates who complete 100% of the approved program curriculum will meet the education requirements to sit for national certification exams, saving valuable time (providing all other eligibility requirements are met). Plus, CECRP acceptance makes nursing programs more attractive to prospective students—a benefit your school and future graduates will appreciate.

ANCC education requirements for APRN certification are based on the Consensus Model for APRN Regulation: Licensure, Accreditation, Certification, and Education, CECRP approval is valid for 3 years and may be renewed.

Submit your CECRP application and all supporting documents online at

If you already have an account with ANCC, use the same email and password to create your CECRP application.

Application Fees

There is a $1,600 non-refundable application fee for each program submitted for a CECRP review. A program is either the full nurse practitioner or clinical nurse specialist program, or the post-graduate nurse practitioner or clinical nurse specialist certificate program.

Payment is accepted by credit card or check. When you reach the payment page on the application, you are prompted to select your payment option.