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Faculty Resources

The Faculty Resource Center provides academic nurse educators with materials to:

  • Integrate content about the Magnet Model and its framework for excellence into nursing school curricula
  • Promote certification to nursing students
  • Support continuing education for nursing faculty

Magnet Education

  • Magnet Program Overview 9/2011 [pdf]
    This copy of a Powerpoint presentation provides an overview of the Magnet Recognition Program®.
  • Magnet Program Overview Teaching Tips [pdf]
    These speaker notes accompany the presentation above with objectives, key concepts, suggested student activities, additional readings, and background material related to the 14 Forces of Magnetism and the outcomes focused Magnet Model.
  • Magnet Recognition Program® [wmv]
    Share this eight minute DVD with all hospital staff, senior Executives or Board members to provide a brief history of the Magnet Recognition Program® and in an introduction to the Magnet Model™. Varied members of the nursing staff from two Magnet® facilities, a chief nursing officer and chief executive officer share testimonials about their personal experiences highlighting the benefits of working in a culture built on the Magnet framework for excellence. To order, please visit the web site at
  • Submit Research/Posters to National Magnet Conference®
    Each year, ANCC receives submissions such as posters, research and art to display at the National Magnet Conference®. Learn more about this exciting opportunity.
    Note: Deadline for submissions occurs in February of the conference year.
  • University Collaborations with Magnet Schools
    ANCC offers classes on the day before and the day after selected Journey to Magnet Recognition Workshops.