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Magnet Recognition Program® Designation Criteria

Appraisal by Peers
One of the strengths of the Magnet Recognition Program® is the contemporary peer review of the nursing practices of the applicant organization. A team of graduate degree prepared RNs experienced in the concepts and operational expectations of the Magnet environment reviews the organization for Magnet designation. These appraisers often work in healthcare facilities.

Qualitative and Quantitative Review
Both qualitative and quantitative approaches are used in the review process. The applicant organization submits documentation to demonstrate the presence of the Forces of Magnetism in their work environment. The appraisal team reviews the documents and scores the sources of evidence in relation to the degree of development.
If warranted, the same appraisal team that reviewed the documents conducts a site visit of the organization. The information contained in the documents is verified, clarified, and amplified in the setting in which nursing is practiced is appraised. The appraisal team reports its findings to the Commission on Magnet.

Designation as Magnet
The decision to award Magnet recognition status is made by the Commission on Magnet. Designation is made for a 4-year period.

Biennial Monitoring
For Magnet recognition to retain its significance, the program must be constantly vigilant that the Magnet environment is sustained throughout the period of designation. Some Magnet designated organizations have faltered during the period of designation. This may result in a repeat site visit to assess the environment for the Forces of Magnetism.

At the end of the 4-year designation period, the organization applies for re-designation. All Magnet organizations that apply for re-designation are not universally successful.