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FAQS: About Magnet

What Is Magnet® Recognition?
Magnet Recognition is an organizational credential awarded to exceptional health care organizations that meet ANCC standards for quality patient care, nursing excellence, and innovations in professional nursing practice. Valued by consumers, Magnet designation is the ultimate distinction for high quality nursing and a leading source of nursing best practices worldwide.

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Benefits for Hospitals
Magnet recognition enables hospitals to:

  • Attract and retain top talent
  • Improve patient care, safety and satisfaction
  • Foster a collaborative culture
  • Advance nursing standards and practice
  • Grow your business and financial success

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Reporting Structure (CNO) (10/2014)
If the CNO is ultimately accountable for the practice of the nurse, at least a dotted-line reporting structure needs to be in place.

If the CNO is the only leader accountable for RNs in nursing units that are covered by service line administrators who are not nurses, you may use the CNO for nurse manager and nurse leader examples for those specific units.

Nurse Satisfaction Survey Data (10/2014)
Within the new 48-month time frame, annual nurse satisfaction survey data may meet the requirement of three post-intervention(s)/initiative(s) data points.

Recognition Status (10/2014)
An organization’s Magnet recognition is deemed current until a final decision is made regarding the re-recognition document. If an organization chooses not to submit an application or document at the 4-year point, then the MPO ends the recognition four years after the original recognition date.

Magnet Senior Analysts Tips

October 2014 Tips

  • Contributing Data to a National Database