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FAQs: Organizational Overview

Organizational Overview (2013)
Some of the required Organizational Overview items in the 2008 Manual are not included in the 2014 Manual. For each Organizational Overview item, provide only the information that is requested in the 2014 Manual.

Requirements (2013)
If any of the 20 documents requested in the Organizational Overview items are not present:

  • The application review will be stopped.
  • The organization will be notified and will have 5 business days to provide the missing documents.
  • If the missing documents are not provided after 5 business days, the review will be concluded.
  • Fees are nonrefundable.

OO7 (10/2014)
The intent of the OO7 item is that the organization provides an action plan for meeting the 2020 IOM recommendation for all registered nurses in the organization.

If more than 80% of your nurses already have at least a bachelor’s degree in nursing, describe what your organization is doing to maintain your high percentage of nurses with a bachelor’s or higher nursing degree.

OO10 (10/2014)
The OO10 requirement from the 2008 Manual was removed from the 2014 Manual.

OO11 (10/2014)
Organizations are required to provide evidence of the process by which the chief nursing officer (CNO) (or his or her designee) participates in credentialing, privileging, and evaluating APRNs.

OO20 (2013)

The time frame for the OO20 research table increased from 30 months to 48 months. OO20 requires a list of ongoing or completed nursing research studies for the past 48 months. The research study you use for NK1EO will be from this list.

If an organization was involved in nursing research that occurred over a 3-year period of time, the study may be included. This table may include nursing research studies that are completed or ongoing within the 4 years before documentation submission.

The Nursing Research Table format that needs to be used is located on the Magnet website in the Forms and Templates section at

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