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FAQs: Evidence & Sources of Evidence (SOE)

Sources of Evidence (SOE) (2013)
For the 2014 Manual, the bolded Source of Evidence statement presents the “condition” that should exist in Magnet organizations. The bulleted items, under the bolded statement, serve as the requirement(s) to which a response(s) is necessary. The bulleted requirement requests information, that is, a narrative, evidence, and data that indicate the Magnet condition exists in the organization. Provide narrative information and evidence/data for the bulleted examples only.

Nurse Manager or Unit Educator (10/2014)
The nurse manager or unit educator can be used in addressing the SOEs, depending on the specific SOE. When the source specifically states a role such as clinical nurse, then the SOE response must be specifically about the clinical nurse. If the SOE indicates nurse in general, an example using any nurse from the organization, regardless of role, is fine.

Evidence for Non-EO Sources (10/2014)
As indicated on page 24 of the 2014 Magnet® Application Manual, examples of acceptable evidence include copies of policies and procedures, meeting minutes, various types of correspondence, data, rosters, and screen shots. Evidence does not include examples and testimonials.

Using Examples More Than Once (10/2014)
You may use examples or projects in more than one source, but each source has specific requirements. As long as the example or project is able to meet the different requirements of each source (different type of outcome data, for example), then you can use that example or project for those sources.

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