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Schedule of Fees

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Application Fee
Main application fee is $5,000.00

Appraisal Fees

Licensed bed size New Applicant Magnet Organizations
1-299 $18,000.00 $16,200.00
300-399 $30,000.00 $27,000.00
400-499 $40,000.00 $36,000.00
500-749 $49,000.00 $44,100.00
750-949 $59,000.00 $53,100.00
950+ $65,000.00 +$65 per bed over 950

$58,500.00 + $65 per bed over 950

Magnet organizations who are re-designating will receive a 10% discount off of their appraisal fee.

Ambulatory Free Standing Price
Independent Outpatient
(Home Care/Hospice/Surgical Centers)

Documentation Review Fee

  • Magnet Appraiser Team Leader - $2,500.00
  • Each Magnet Appraiser Team Member - $2,000.00

Additional Documentation Review Fees
This fee only applies when the Appraiser Team requests additional documentation to complete the review of your written documentation and may occur only once in the documentation review process. This applies to new applicants and re-designating Magnet organizations.

  • Magnet Appraiser Team Leader - $1,500.00
  • Each Magnet Appraiser Team Member - $1,000.00

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Site Visit Fee

  • Fee per day: $1850 per appraiser/day
  • In addition all travel, hotel and per diem expenses for each Magnet appraiser are covered by the applicant.

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International Organizations
Interested applicants should send a letter or email to the Magnet Program Office including descriptions of the organization's location, size, number of facilities, and populations served. Staff will review the inquiry promptly and draft an initial cost quote or contact the organization for additional information.

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