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Text Guidelines

  • Magnet Recognition Program® and Magnet® are registered trademarked names.
  • Please include the trademark disclaimer:
      • The Magnet Recognition Program®, ANCC Magnet Recognition®, Magnet®, ANCC National Magnet Conference®, and Journey to Magnet Excellence® names and logos are registered trademarks of the American Nurses Credentialing Center. All rights reserved.
  • All references to the program name must use the ® or TM symbol (superscript) in the first mention. This includes references in both headlines and regular text.
  • When referring to your Magnet recognition in copy, keep in mind these basic guidelines for description:
    • The American Nurses Credentialing Center "grants" an organization Magnet "recognition", thereby giving that organization "status" as a Magnet-recognized organization.
    • ANCC uses the terms honored, received, achieved, and/or bestowed to describe the designation. Do not describe Magnet recognition as an "award."
    • The name Magnet should always begin with a capital letter M.
    • Do not use Magnet or Magnet recognized as a description or an action. It is the name of the program and should be used as such.
    • Spell out the full program name, Magnet Recognition Program, as much as possible.

Note for Healthcare Systems
If all healthcare organizations in your system are not Magnet-recognized, please be certain that the logo is used only in reference to those which are so recognized. There must be no confusion to even a casual viewer/reader as to which organizations the logo applies to.

If you have any questions as to whether your proposed use of the certification mark meets these requirements, please email a sample to ANCC for review.

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