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ANCC Practice Transition Accreditation Program (PTAP)™ FAQs: Virtual Visit

The PTAP Virtual Visit amplifies, clarifies, and verifies information in the self-study document.

Virtual Visit Date
The appraiser team will send out an email with three dates and times that the site may pick from. If these dates and times do not work for the site, you must inform the Team Leader.

Conference Call Requirements
The applicant organization will arrange and pay for the conference call/virtual visit. The applicant organization should communicate call instructions, including what to do if the appraiser team experiences call difficulties or cannot access the conference call line.

If the applicant organization cannot secure a conference line, the Team Leader will contact ANCC staff at or 301.628.5183 for further instructions.

The agenda is sent at least 2 weeks prior to the site visit.

Length of Call
The call can last up to 3 hours.

The Program Director must be present throughout the virtual visit call. You may invite key stakeholders as appropriate. The Team Leader may request certain individuals be present based on the self-study.

Recording the Call
Recording of the conference call is prohibited.

Additional Evidence
Additional evidence must be submitted within 72 hours after a request from the Team Leader. There are no additional fees required for additional evidence requests.

Accreditation Decision
The accreditation decision is made within approximately 2 months after the appraisers' final report to the COA. The Accreditation Program informs applicant programs directly.