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2012 ANCC Pathway to Excellence® Application Manual

Published 2012
46 pages

Understand the steps to achieve and maintain Pathway designation! This publication outlines eligibility criteria, timelines to implement and apply, the application process, documentation instructions, plus the evaluation process and possible outcomes. Includes all 12 Pathway to Excellence Practice Standards and Elements of Performance plus a detailed Self-Assessment Tool to analyze your organization’s readiness to apply.

Table of Contents


Chapter 1. Seeking Designation
Pathway to Excellence Timeline
Pathway to Excellence Designation Self-Assessment
Self-Assessment Steps

Chapter 2. Formalization of Pathway to Excellence Application Submission
Oversight and Accountability for the Pathway to Excellence Application and Document 
Preparation Activities
Submission of Application Materials

Chapter 3. Pathway to Excellence Document Preparation Guidelines
Preparing the Organizational Demographic Form (ODF)
Organizational Overview (OO) Documents
Elements of Performance Narratives
Confidential Information

Chapter 4. Pathway to Excellence Evaluation Processes
Evaluation of the Pathway to Excellence Documents
Written Documentation Review Outcomes
Evaluation of the Pathway to Excellence Nurse Survey
Decision About and Notification of the Evaluation Outcomes

Chapter 5. Pathway to Excellence Practice Standards
Organizational Overview
Practice Standard 1: Nurses Control the Practice of Nursing
Practice Standard 2: The Work Environment Is Safe and Healthy
Practice Standard 3: Systems Are in Place to Address Patient Care and Practice Concerns
Practice Standard 4: Orientation Prepares Nurses for the Work Environment
Practice Standard 5: The CNO Is Qualified and Participates at All Levels of the Organization
Practice Standard 6: Professional Development Is Provided and Used
Practice Standard 7: Equitable Compensation Is Provided
Practice Standard 8: Nurses Are Recognized for Achievements
Practice Standard 9: A Balanced Lifestyle Is Encouraged
Practice Standard 10: Collaborative Relationships Are Valued and Supported
Practice Standard 11: Nurse Managers Are Competent and Accountable
Practice Standard 12: A Quality Program and Evidence-Based Practices Are Used

Chapter 6. The Pathway to Excellence nurse survey
Planning the Survey
Administering the Survey

Chapter 7. Pathway to Excellence Post-Decision Responsibilities
Interim Reports

Appendix A: Instructions for Assembling and Formatting Written Documentation
Appendix B: Pathway to Excellence Appraisers and Assignments


Published by American Nurses Credentialing Center 8515 Georgia Ave. Silver Spring, MD 20910-3492

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