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Pathway to Excellence® Defining Moments

The ANCC Pathway to Excellence Conference® recognizes and celebrates organizations that achieve Pathway designation or redesignation. Here's how celebrated Pathway-designated organizations described the value the Pathway to Excellence credential brings to their workplace, healthcare team, and patients during the annual conference.

Pathway to Excellence Defining Moments (May 2013-March 2014) [pdf]

Abington Health Lansdale Hospital – Lansdale, PA
"Our Pathway defining moment was seeing the rapid cycle improvement that had been conducted on so many important projects in such a short time. Continuing to focus on each practice standard, our information became intertwined, in much the same way we collaborate to care for our most complex patients."

Asante Three Rivers Medical Center – Grants Pass, OR
"Our Pathway defining moment is a culture change catalyzed by the Pathway journey. Our nurses take greater pride in their profession and in themselves. Pathway has helped them define their value as nurses in the business world of healthcare, and they"ve grown professionally as a result."

Ben Taub General Hospital – Houston, TX
"Our Pathway defining moment came four days into the nursing survey, when Ben Taub General Hospital nurses, along with their Harris Health System colleagues, surpassed the 51% participation requirement. To us, this meant that staff members were eager to tell others how they were valued and how they valued their development within the organization."

Bon Secours Mary Immaculate Hospital – Newport News, VA
"Our Pathway defining moment is the great sense of pride our nurses and their colleagues feel for receiving national recognition for their work. Nurses are proud of the organization's commitment not only to them as individuals but also to their practice as a whole."

Burgess Health Center – Onawa, IA
"Our Pathway defining moment was when our Pathway committee determined that we would integrate the practice standards across the organization and create our "Best Workplace" campaign. It takes a combined, multidisciplinary team to achieve quality outcomes, so creating a positive work environment for all was a priority."

Chilton Hospital – Pompton Plains, NJ
"Our Pathway defining moment is how we have created an effective culture within nursing that is demonstrated by an expectation for evidence-based practice, participation of all nurses, and a renewed, strengthened shared governance structure. We now wonder how we could have practiced without it!"

Euclid Hospital – Euclid, OH
"Our Pathway defining moment was realizing the many ways in which the hospital had embraced the nursing environment and seeing how proud our nurses were when the designation was announced. Euclid's nurses truly supported this endeavor and were ecstatic to hear the results."

Genesis Medical Center-Dewitt – Dewitt, IA
"Our Pathway defining moment was the reaffirmation of collaborative relationships that are evident in the environment. These relationships support quality patient care and help nurses care for each other. The way everyone came together during the Pathway journey exemplified these positive associations."

Good Shepherd Medical Center – Longview, TX
"Our Pathway defining moment is the pride that all staff feel across the enterprise. They know they drove this journey and it is all about them."

Kenmore Mercy Hospital – Kenmore, TX
"Our Pathway defining moment was when nurses started to report new ideas, processes, and successes that they thought should be shared with the Pathway Committee. It was a turning point, and we knew there was a sense of 'oneness' among all the different nursing specialties."

Lyndon B. Johnson General Hospital, Houston, TX
"Our Pathway defining moment is how the designation reaffirmed to our internal and external stakeholders our nurses' dedication to the delivery of compassionate, culturally sensitive, patient-centered, and empirically based care." (Redesignation)

Mariners Hospital – Tavernier, FL
"Our Pathway defining moment is how the designation has affirmed and demonstrated to the community and the hospital system to which we belong that we are committed to excellence."

Marymount Hospital – Garfield Heights, OH
"Our Pathway defining moment was the high level of engagement and involvement of direct care nurses in every step of our Pathway journey. We had nurses from every department and level of nursing volunteer become Pathway to Excellence® champions. This provided the ongoing motivation to successfully achieve designation."

Memorial Health Center – Medford, WI
"Our Pathway defining moment was having a very large group of people engaged in the process. It meant that ownership was broad and the pride in our ultimate success was widespread. There are so many benefits in that involvement."

Memorial Hermann Northeast Hospital – Humble, TX
"Our defining moment was achieving Pathway to Excellence® designation and seeing the pride and joy in the faces of all staff (not only nurses but also physicians and ancillary staff) when it was announced. Everyone feels a sense of accomplishment for being recognized for excellent work."

Memorial Hermann Sugar Land Hospital – Sugar Land, TX
"Our Pathway defining moment is the significant improvement we"ve seen in nurse satisfaction at our hospital. Nurses feel empowered in their practice and know that all ideas are welcomed. Results from our most recent RN satisfaction survey were the highest they"ve ever been." (Redesignation)

Nash Hospitals Inc. – Rocky Mount, NC
"Our defining moment came after we attended a ANCC Pathway to Excellence Conference™ and realized how much we'd accomplished and that we were meeting most, if not all, of the standards. We returned with energy, focus, and confidence, and the journey moved quickly after that!"

Quentin Mease Community Hospital – Houston, TX
"Our Pathway defining moment came when Quentin Mease Community Hospital nurses, who specialize in rehabilitation nursing and are part of the Harris Health System, surpassed the 51% requirement on the fourth day of the nurse survey. They were eager to share how they were valued and how they valued their development within the organization." (Redesignation)

Renown Regional Medical Center – Reno, NV
"Our Pathway defining moment was witnessing the commitment and enthusiasm of all our nurses throughout the journey, and their excitement upon achieving designation. Pathway recognition has helped them remember why they became nurses in the first place."

Renown South Meadows Medical Center – Reno, NV
"Our Pathway defining moment was when we realized our organization had already developed many processes and policies to support the Pathway to Excellence® practice standards. The designation was an affirmation and recognition of the hard work we were already doing."

Riverside Regional Medical Center – Newport News, VA
"Our Pathway defining moment was seeing the excitement of the nursing staff and sharing the accomplishment throughout the health system. Designation gives our nurses the professional recognition they deserve for the amazing, compassionate care they provide every day!"

Rumford Hospital – Rumford, ME
"Our Pathway defining moment is that staff at all levels (nurses, physicians, housekeeping, dietary, etc.) have not stopped talking about how proud they are to be part of this organization—and we hear patients actually say they came to us because we received this designation."

South Pointe Hospital – Warrensville Heights, OH  
"Our Pathway defining moment was seeing the pride of well-deserved recognition among nurses. The superior results achieved in the Nurse Online Survey, in which scores met and exceeded required percentages in all areas, substantiated that the nursing environment at our hospital is one of excellence."

Southern Maine Medical Center – Biddeford, ME
"Our defining moment of the Pathway journey was how well we worked as a team. There was palpable teamwork among our nurse unit champions and staff. The outcome of their work was the greatest reward."

St. Luke's The Woodlands Hospital – The Woodlands, TX
"Our Pathway defining moment is the heightened engagement of our nursing staff. Engaged staff are committed staff. The pride of our nurses carries over to the entire hospital team." (Redesignation)

T. J. Samson Community Hospital – Glasgow, KY
"Our Pathway defining moment was the national recognition that designation brings. It has boosted staff morale and encourages everyone to continue to strive for excellence. And it's helped the community recognize the good service the hospital provides to patients and families."

Texas Health Harris Methodist Hospital Southwest Fort Worth – Fort Worth, TX
"Our Pathway defining moment is the sense of pride our nurses have gained in calling Texas Health Harris Southwest a Pathway to Excellence® organization. Achieving this designation truly demonstrates that our hospital is a best place to work for nurses, where they feel valued, supported, and recognized."

Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital Allen – Allen, TX
"Our defining moment during the Pathway journey was when nurses were able to verify the practice standards in the organization. The designation demonstrates Texas Health Allen's commitment to nurses, to what nurses identify as important to their practice, and to valuing nurses" contributions in the workplace." (Redesignation)

TIRR Memorial Hermann – Houston, TX
"Our Pathway defining moment was our decision to seek assistance in writing our story. We had so many stories to tell and so much data to share, it was overwhelming to pick exactly what to showcase. Hiring a writer to help was a lifesaving moment for us."

Union Hospital – Elkton, MD
"Our Pathway defining moment came when nurses returned from an ANCC Pathway to Excellence Conference™ absolutely inspired, realizing the hospital was already living the Pathway standards. They enthusiastically helped their colleagues understand and embrace the journey."

Waupun Memorial Hospital – Waupun, WI
"Our Pathway defining moment was the call from Dr. Ellarene Sanders announcing we had received Pathway to Excellence® designation. We later found out we were only the second hospital in WI to achieve this milestone. It was a great Friday!"