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Pathway Benefits

Improve Nurse Satisfaction
Achieving Pathway to Excellence secures your organization's status as a positive practice environment. Pathway standards help ensure nurse satisfaction, an important benefit given replacing 1 nurse can cost up to 4 times the average nurse's salary.

Retain Choice Nursing Staff & Leaders
Turnover and burnout are costly to any organization, especially when patient outcomes are at stake. With Pathway to Excellence, your organization promotes balanced lifestyles for nurses, increasing job satisfaction and preventing work stress and burnout. Nurses are able to focus on their work and provide optimal care to patients.

Cultivate Inter-professional Teamwork
Research shows Pathway-designated organizations enjoy higher levels of collegial RN-MD collaboration and mutual respect. Pathway standards focus on collaboration, career development and accountable leadership leading to a practice environment where nurses have a voice and their contributions are valued.

Champion Quality Nursing Practice
A positive nursing practice environment enhances nursing staff engagement and unit effectiveness, which leads to improved patient satisfaction. Pathway standards assure supervisory competence and leadership in a supportive atmosphere that continually enables nurses to achieve their professional best.

Support Business Growth
When the CNO is qualified and participates in all levels of the facility, the nursing cost per admission lowers. Pathway standards address a range of factors that improve bottomline results, including less turnover, higher job satisfaction, improved productivity and teamwork, reduced errors, increased safety and more patient satisfaction.