Dr. Steve Bedwell is riveting, provocative, and explosively funny. His extensive background in research and training, and his experience as a stand-up comedian give him an unparalleled ability to present cutting-edge educational content while being entertaining. Dr. Bedwell has a knack for applying science to everyday problems, providing effective, science-smart tactics in straightforward terms that participants can readily apply to stay focused, optimistic, and effective under the pressure of the current health care environment.

Dr. Bedwell will discuss obstacles to success and provide habit-hacking strategies for avoiding burnout and more mindfully responding to workplace and personal challenges.

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Ignite the Fire Within

Allison Massari is a steadfast advocate for the potent power of compassion, kindness, and perseverance. She is a leading educator on the power of compassionate care, and a passionate voice for interprofessional collaboration and preventing burnout in health care professionals.

Massari’s personal experience as a patient is a consummate reminder of why nurses go into health care. She will discuss how kindness, determination, and compassion can change lives.

Instead of Money, Can I Get a Day Off? ...
And Other Generational Differences in the Workplace

Kristine Sexter is an industrial and organizational consultant. With an extensive background in recruiting, developing, and retaining top talent, Sexter has expertly delivered results for the health care industry. She is renowned for her enthusiastic and occasionally “wild” approach to success and commitment for professional growth.

With today’s mix of generational differences, Sexter will present successful strategies for organizations to develop their most essential asset—their people!

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