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Journey to Pathway Excellence Toolkit & Logo Guidelines

The Journey to Pathway to Excellence mark (logo) may only be used by organizations that have been granted approval by the American Nurses Credentialing Center (ANCC).

Oganizations have the right to utilize the certification mark – in accordance with the guidelines provided in this document – on letterhead, brochures, and for publicity activities relating to the program and/or nursing activities within the designated organization.

Other than in relation to the recognition of nursing services, the Pathway to Excellence® name and logo should not be used in conjunction with any goods, products, or other services created, offered or sold by the designated organization that would create the appearance of an endorsement by the Program or by the American Nurses Credentialing Center (ANCC).

The logos should only be used in a manner that represents the intent of the Pathway to Excellence®. ANCC expects that representatives of its Pathway-recognized organizations will follow established standards of professional practice and ethics in business, advertising, public relations, sales, and marketing when using the logos.

The Pathway to Excellence® credentialing mark is a legally trademarked symbol and must be used in accordance with these rules:

  • All lettering inside the logo must be readable when the symbol is used on materials.
  • If the words are not legible, please increase the size of the logo.
  • The logo cannot be altered or modified. It may be resized, provided the proportions of the entire logo are maintained and all features of the logo are clearly distinguishable.
  • The logo shall be reproduced:
    • In black or in blue (PMS 2925 or equivalent)
    • In a size which makes all features of the mark clearly distinguishable
    • Without distortion of its dimensions
  • The Pathway to Excellence logo cannot be used in isolation from the recognized organization’s logo. All materials must contain both the recognized organization’s logo and the Pathway to Excellence® logo.
  • For the use of the credentialing mark on electronic documentation (i.e. websites), the same rules as stated in these guidelines apply.
  • Logos used on a Pathway-recognized organization’s website must include a hyperlink to ANCC’s Pathway to Excellence web page (

Use of Logo on Promotional Items
The Summit Group is the official licensed vendor of Pathway to Excellence® products ( anccstore/default.asp?). Pathway to Excellence® and Journey to Pathway to Excellence® logos may not be reproduced for
use on promotional items except through Summit Group. This includes all requests for embroidery or customized items featuring the Pathway to Excellence® and Journey to Pathway to Excellence® logos with your organization’s name and logo.

The Summit Group is a wholesale vendor and can procure any promotional product commercially available. For pricing and design concepts, please contact the ANCC E-Store Customer Service team at or call 877.435.2011.

File Formats Available For Download
Select the logo file format best suited to the media you will use to display the logo.

EPS Format: Preferred by graphic design professionals, EPS format is best for high resolution images or illustrations, including signage, booth displays, or banners where an image must be scaled larger without losing sharpness. EPS files
can typically only be read by graphic design software, such as Quark or Photoshop.

JPG Format: Best for online display, screen display of presentation or word processing files, or print publishing of illustrations, graphics and photographs. Great for laser and inkjet printing! Not suitable for high resolution graphics.

PNG Format: Best for online media including web buttons or banners, charts or diagrams, screen shots, cartoons, text headings,small web animations. Do not use for photographs.

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