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State Boards of Nursing CE Requirements

This information is accurate as of August 7, 2014. Direct questions to your state board of nursing which may found at

State CE for Renewal ANCC Accreditation Accepted?
AL 24 hours/2 yrs. Additional 6 pharmacology hours for APRNs Yes
AK 30 hours/2 yrs Yes
AZ None N/A

(1) 15 contact hours of appropriately accredited practice-focused activities, OR (2) Hold a current nationally recognized certification/re-certification, OR (3) Completed a minimum of one college credit hour course in nursing with a grade of C or better during licensure period. Every 2 yrs APNs need an additional 5 pharm hours.

CA 30 hours/2 yrs Yes if CE held outside of the state
CO None N/A
CT None N/A
DE 30 hours /2 yrs Yes
DC 24 hours/2 yrs (not required for first-time renewals)
APRN: 15 of the 24 must be pharmacology hours
FL The 24 hours must include two (2) hours on Prevention of Medical Errors, and two (2) hours in Laws and Rules that govern the practice of Nursing (Beginning with the biennium ending in 2015). HIV/AIDS is now a one-time, 1-hour CE requirement to be completed prior to the first renewal. Domestic Violence (DV) CE is now a 2-hour requirement every third renewal. Since Domestic Violence (DV) is a 2-hour requirement, the licensee will have 26 hours of CE during the renewal period when DV is taken. For example, if you renew your license on July 31, 2008 and completed DV during the 2006-2008 licensure cycle, you are required to complete the Domestic Violence CE before the July 31, 2014 renewal. Yes
GA 30 hrs/2yrs or one of 4 other Educational Plan options
HI None N/A
ID 30hrs/2yrs Yes
IA 36 hours/3 yrs; 24 hours if < 3 yrs Yes if CE held outside of the state
IL LPN & RN: 20 hours/2 yrs
APRN: 50 hours/2 yrs
IN None for regular licensure renewal (i.e., not expired) N/A
KS 30 hours/2 yrs Yes
KY 1) Proof of earning 14 approved contact hours, OR 2) A national certification or re-certification related to the nurse's practice role (in effect during the entire period or initially earned during the period), OR 3) Completion of a nursing research project as principal investigator, co-investigator, or project director. Must be qualitative or quantitative in nature, utilize research methodology, and include a summary of the findings; OR (4) Publication of a nursing related article; OR 5) A professional nursing education presentation that is developed by the presenter, presented to nurses or other health professionals, and evidenced by a program brochure, course syllabi, or a letter from the offering provider identifying the licensee’s participation as the presenter of the offering; OR 6) Participation as a preceptor for at least one nursing student or new employee undergoing orientation (must be for at least 120 hours, have a one-to-one relationship with student or employee, may precept more than one student during the 120 hours, and preceptorship shall be evidenced by written documentation from the educational institution or preceptor’s supervisor); OR 7) Proof of earning 7 approved contact hours, PLUS a nursing employment evaluation that is satisfactory for continued employment (must be signed by supervisor with the name, address, and phone number of the employer included), and cover at least 6 months of the earning period. Yes
LA The minimum number of contact hours of nursing continuing education (CE) an RN needs each year is based on the hours the individual has practiced/worked during 2012 as follows:
1) A minimum of 5 nursing accredited contact hours if the nurse has worked 1,600 hours or more during 2012 prior to renewing online. 1,600 hours is the equivalent of 10 consecutive months of nursing employment at 40 hours per week.
2) A minimum of 10 nursing accredited contact hours if the nurse worked less than 1,600 hours during 2012 at the time of renewal, but more than 160 hours as an nurse this year. 160 hours is the equivalent of 4 weeks at 40 hours per week.
3) A minimum of 15 nursing accredited contact hours if the nurse worked below 160 hours during 2012 or had not worked in nursing at all during 2012.
ME None N/A
MD None, but background check is required N/A
MA 15 contact hours/ 2 yrs Yes
MI 25 hours/ 2 yrs Yes
MN 24 hours/2 yrs Yes
MS None N/A
MO None N/A
MT 24 hours/2 yrs Yes
NE 20 hours/2 yrs Yes
NV 30 hours/2 yrs Yes
NH 30 hours/2 yrs Yes
NJ 30 hours/2 yrs Yes
NM 30 hours/2 yrs Yes
NY 3 contact hours infection control every 4 years; 2 contact hours child abuse (one time requirement for initial license) Yes
NC 30 hours/2 yrs Yes
ND 12 hours/1 yrs Yes
OH 24 hours/2 yrs Yes
OK None N/A
OR One-time requirement for 7 hours of pain management-related CE. One hour must be a course to be provided by the Oregon Pain Management Commission. The remaining 6 hours can be your choice of pain management topics. Once this requirement is fulfilled, there is no additional CE requirement for renewal. Yes
PA 30 hours/2 yrs Yes
RI 10 hours/2 yrs Yes
SC 30 hours/2 yrs Yes
SD None N/A
TN None N/A
TX 20 hours/2 yrs Yes
UT 30 contact hours, OR 200 practice hours and 15 contact hours OR 400 practice hours/2 yrs Yes
VT None N/A
VA Current specialty certification by a national certifying organization, as defined in 18VAC90-20-10; 2. Completion of a minimum of three credit hours of post-licensure academic education relevant to nursing practice, offered by a regionally accredited college or university;
3. A board-approved refresher course in nursing; 4. Completion of nursing-related, evidence-based practice project or research study;
5. Completion of publication as the author or co-author during a renewal cycle;
6. Teaching or developing a nursing-related course resulting in no less than three semester hours of college credit, a 15-week course, or specialty certification;
7. Teaching or developing nursing-related continuing education courses for up to 30 contact hours;
8. Fifteen contact hours of workshops, seminars, conferences, or courses relevant to the practice of nursing and 640 hours of active practice as a nurse; or
9. Thirty contact hours of workshops, seminars, conferences, or courses relevant to the practice of nursing.
WA 45 hours/3 yrs Yes
WV 12 hours/1 yrs Yes
WI None, but yearly renewal survey is required N/A
WY None N/A